A Decade Together

“Today is Allie Feldman and I’s TEN (10) year anniversary – my life has immeasurably improved every since we shared a Bud Light and some free Gumby’s pizza in the dim lighting of Poor Paul’s that fateful night in 2004. When Allie met me, I was unemployed/not in school (and not because I graduated)/barely owned furniture/made my living playing at Bullwinkle’s in a band called “Whiskey Richard” because Moe’s wouldn’t rehire me. And didn’t own a car. The moral of this story: give your Tinder/Hinge/OKCupid/JDate/EHarmony dates a chance…”



We have a date and a venue!


We are SO EXCITED. Our wedding weekend will be Friday, June 5th through  Sunday, June 7th of 2015.

The location is Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY.

It’s going to be an awesome three day festival of family, friends, music, nature and love. Full Moon Resort is 20 minutes from Woodstock. It’s on the top of a mountain so there’s no cell phone service.

More details coming. Save the date!

-Allie & Scott


After 8 years of living in sin, we're making it official! Thanks for all the love.

Hope you can join us for a “M'Lord and M'Lady's Royal Engagement Party” at the Stash Bar (14th St and 8th Ave) on Saturday, January 12 at 9:00 PM. RSVP here.