Scott Taylor


Scott is best known for his love of Taco Bell and all things musical. He has loved every minute of his 7.5 years in New York City and looks forward to spending many more with Allie.

Sean Powell


Sean and Scott have been friends ever since 1990, when they both appeared as Starfish in the Cookeville Children’s Theater production of The Perils of Pinocchio. in 1995, they both worked at Taco Bell. Sean is now a professor of music at the University of North Texas.

Jonathan Ford


Jonathan and Scott met first in the 2nd Mid-State Jazz Band in 1996 and then terrorized the Governor’s School for the Arts later that summer. They went on to cause problems at Interlochen Arts Camp in the summer of 1997, and at FSU from 1998-2002.

Brian DeLadurantey


Brian met Scott and Jonathan in 1998 at their first semester at FSU, and his life has arguably been worse ever since. Brian lingered in Tallahassee for a while past graduation, so he was there to witness the beginnings of Scott’s 2nd 4 years in Tallahassee.

Eric Anderson


Eric studied abroad with Scott and Jonathan in Spring of 2001. In the mid ’00s, Eric had a penchant for showing up at Scott’s apartment to party for the weekend, and then leaving 3 weeks later.

Brian Gitman


Scott and Brian moved to NYC at basically the same time and had only one connection in common, Allie. A stronger bromance has never existed, based mainly on their mutual love for and attendance records held at Brother Jimmy’s (all 5 main locations).

Chris Dreyer


Chris and Scott have been playing music together ever since they studied abroad in London in the Spring of 2001. They have performed over 600 shows together, most recently in NYC as Goodbye Picasso.

Seth Baker


Seth and Scott have been step-brothers since 1992. They previously played soccer together. Seth was really good. Scott couldn’t wait until halftime for juice boxes and orange wedges.

Allie Feldman


Allie is passionate about all thing animals and is a force to be reckoned with on the New York City political scene. She loves running and veggie dogs.

Marissa Zinberg


Marissa and Allie have been best friends since their teens when they met as camp counselors at the JCC. Marissa holds the record for most nights spent on the couch at 160 West End Ave.

Sarah Conway


Sarah and Allie have been friends for almost the entirety of Celine Dion’s career. Sarah shares Scott and Allie’s love of outdoor concerts, Bruce, and is the champion of tailgating.

Beth Portnoy


Beth and Allie have been friends forever, since they were babies when their mothers, Eileen and Sue, worked together as occupational therapists. Beth has been Scott and Allie’s neighbor across the way at Lincoln Towers ever since they moved in back in 2007.

Liz Boone


Liz and Allie have been friends since their formative years in Jersey. Liz has a deep passion for boy bands and has accompanied Allie to some important NKOTB performances. Liz is an expert in fashion and of course, HAIR.

Erie McDonnell


Erie and Allie hail from the neighboring New Jersey hamlets of Westfield and Mountainside. They met at the intersection of some mutual friends and Cosimo’s, one of Allie’s favorite hometown haunts. Ok let’s be real — they met while hammered at an Allman Brother’s concert at PNC.